Lobsang Thogme

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16 March 2013
Lobsang Thogme
Place of protest:
Current status:
Lobsang Thogme set fire to himself and died on Saturday, March 16, the fifth anniversary of a protest in Ngaba, eastern Tibet, in which armed police fired into an unarmed crowd.


28-year old Lobsang Thogme, a Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery, set himself on fire and died on the fifth anniversary of a protest in Ngaba during which armed Chinese police fired into an unarmed crowd.  Lobsang Thogme is the third Kirti monk to set fire to himself on the anniversary of the crackdown in 2008.

Kirti monks in exile said: “Before reaching the gate, he fell to the ground. By that time, many monks and laypeople reached the spot, and he was taken to the county hospital, but passed away soon after. It is not known what he shouted during his protest. On arrival at the hospital, a large force of police and soldiers came there and forcibly took possession of his remains, which they then took to the prefecture headquarters at Barkham.”

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